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Being more active

I’ve wanted to be more active, keeping this small blog of mine updated regularly, for some time. I’ve wanted to commit to, on the regular, updating and maintaining my site with new content whether it be small sketches embedded in my blog, or just my thoughts on any particualr topic that interests me. I think it’ll give me goal to always work for - something to do when what to do next isn’t obvious. It’ll also, ideally, help me to develop as a writer, teach me through experience to put my thoughts to words. I also want to let my personality shine through what I say - it’s no good if I try to maintain an ultra-professional standoffish personality, sterile and stale, as if I am trying to appeal to people who can’t handle personality, my being trans, my socialist politics, or any of a number of facets of my existence.

So yeah - going to be more “me”, going to update this website more frequently, am going to turn it as much as I can into a little space for me to be creative and to learn and elucidate on what I’ve made and what I’ve learned.

Me 🏳️‍⚧️