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Playing around with Manjaro Linux

The past few days I’ve had an enjoyable time setting up and playing with GNU/Linux, in particular the Manjaro distribution. Some time in the past I used various Linux distros as my primary operating system and today it is possible for me to use all three of the major desktop operating systems on a daily basis. I think this is a near-ideal scenario for somebody who intends to make cross-platform software and games. I have two SSDs installed in my main desktop computer, one with Windows 10 installed and the other (which I am presently using) with Manjaro, a distribution based on Arch. So far I have been extremely impressed.

I have enjoyed the pacman package manager and Manjaro’s up-to-date software, as well as the Arch User Repository (AUR). I installed the KDE version of Manjaro, and while I enjoy KDE I have quickly gone to experimenting with other desktops and window managers and have developed a particular fondness for the i3 window manager, particulary the modified i3-gaps version. It’s wonderful! Very easy to use, productivity heaven. Plus it looks cool and is a fun way to express yourself - setting up your particular configuration. I use the kitty terminal emulator purely because I thought it’s name sounded cute~.

The one difficulty I’ve still not overcome is installing an up-to-date driver for the USB wifi dongle I use. I have a second, slower, backup one that works but getting my edimax ew-7833uac to work is something I’ve not yet accomplished.

In the future I will most likely just use Arch and build my dream developer system from the bottom-up but for now this suits me. Anyway it’s been fun and I’ll probably blab more about this later.