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The following is an (incomplete) list of some of my personal projects. More can be found on my GitHub and my itch.io.

Apps and Programs

  • image-glitcher - Single page application to glitch images; made with React and prototyped in Figma.
  • Radix - Single page application to convert number bases; made with the Aurelia framework and TypeScript.
  • SuperShapes 2 - A program for playing with 3d supershapes. Made with the Godot game engine.

Computer Games

  • Drifter - A pixelated 3d exploration game made with the Unity game engine. Featured on YouTube show Indie Impressions.
  • The Fox - A cute game where the player plays as a grey fox in the desert detirmined to feed their hungry kits. Written in the Haxe programming language with the HaxeFlixel library.

Libraries and modules