In this page I wanted to share the state of my current computing setup. As someone who spends a lot of time working with computers, having a comfortable and efficient computing environment is very important to me, and the customisation of such a setup is also, frankly, part of the fun of computing.



Whilst I enjoy Windows 11 well enough, most of my time these days is spent in Linux.

For the past few years I've edited text in Visual Studio Code, which is wonderful, but I have recently switched back to GNU Emacs for this purpose. It seems like Emacs isn't as popular as other editors these days, but I just enjoy being able to setup my environment precisely how I want. VSCode is still a stellar editor that I recommend to all.

My choice of NsCDE as my desktop environment is motivated by my ageless longing for a Unix workstation, modernised. The classic workstation look, I feel, helps my computing feel a bit more serious, and less like a toy. I'm not content with just a retro environment, or just a modern environment, I want to have both. A retro-futuristic environment that anchors me in computer science and computing history (including within the realms of computer graphics), and also is very modern and capable. And for this, NsCDE fulfills that goal splendidly.

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