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At this page is a selection of small computer programs that I have written that can be quickly downloaded and run (or used online) and that don’t fit super well being published on a game development site or as only source code on GitHub. Basically, little programs and utilities in binary-form will find their home here. For computer games, check out my itch.io.


  • ColorTool - [Win32] - An easy-to-use program for keeping track of color palettes whilst working on projects.
  • Radix.jar - [Java] A tool for converting numbers from one base into another. IE: decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal. Responsive online replacement is here.
  • FibGui - [Win64] A small GUI-based Windows program for calculating Fibonacci numbers. Only works on 64-bit Windows systems. Written entirely in x64 assembly language.
  • Factui - [Win64] GUI-program that displays the first 20 numbers factorial. Written in x64 assembly language.
  • CharCnt - [Win64] A GUI-based tool to count characters. Also written in x64 assembly language.

Cool Toys/Demos

  • BlazingMandelbrot - [Win32] Program that displays a cool, fiery version of the Mandelbrot fractal.
  • GlowingJulia - [Win32] Another fun fractal-y program! This time using a version of the Julia set!

Web Utilities

  • Radix - [Web] Responsive program written in TypeScript with the Aurelia framework for converting numbers from one base to another.
  • Image-Glitcher - [Web] Single page application to glitch images; made with React and prototyped in Figma.

Web Toys/Demos (that are cool!)